Live Slots Tournament


We present to your attention tournaments from LIVESLOTS-X.


Winning The winner will be the slot machine that will receive the largest amount of winnings in each game, bonus, take, free games throughout the tournament (winnings are added up).



- There is only one winner in tournaments.

- The tournament takes place only on SLOTS LIVE (live Slot machines) and only on GEMINATORS!

- Slot machines are participating in the tournament, not games from providers.

If the Slot Machine won in the tournament, and the player left it and another player entered, then the prize will be given to those who will be in the EA after the tournament.

The tournament system is designed for a casino, a gaming club offline.

We are working on the opportunity to make tournaments as transparent as possible for online.

Tournament results are published in the news section.

Tournaments will be held from 18:00 to 22:00

tuesday big win prize fund 10,000 credits

Friday BIG WIN prize fund of 10,000 credits

Good luck in the game!

Command Live Slots.